Sunday, January 22, 2012

HAPPY 'BELATED' NEW YEAR! | Phoenix Pet Photographer

Better late than never, I guess!  While most people are making resolutions to blog more, promote more, use Facebook more, I seem to have gone in the opposite direction for the beginning of this year!  I've purposely tried to spend less time in front of the computer; spend less time on Facebook; and to go out and PLAY more!  I think I was a little burned out by the end of the year!

I look back on 2011 and realize that I spent the majority of my time glued to the computer "working".  Some of it was fun, don't get me wrong!  I love editing the photos of all those sweet faces that I photographed, but I don't think I really used my time wisely!  I can get completely lost on the internet jumping from website to website, blog to blog of different photographers and realize later three hours have passed!  I love all the online tutorials, but I never really took any time for myself.

So, that's my New Year's resolution!  Use the time I spend working more effectively!  Focus on one task at a time and stop multi-tasking!  I really am not more efficient while trying to do 5 things at once! So, that being said, I've just finished updating my website and want to post a few photos here from a shoot I did in late December.

Meet Baxter... Baxter is an American Curl Manx who was adopted in 2008.  This cat is so "dog-like" in some of his behaviors!  First of all, he LOVES people and just hangs around with them.  No running to hide by this cat!  And he learns tricks, just like a dog would!  While we were shooting, Jan and Joe taught him to jump from bench to bench so I could get a shot of him leaping through the air!  He was such a blast to shoot!  Thanks, Jan and Joe, for letting me photograph your awesome kitty!