Monday, September 19, 2011

HANK AND EMMY | Phoenix Pet Photographer

This shoot was a blast!  Both of these pups are adorable!

Hank and Emmy belong to Tom Murry, the owner of Villa La Paws.  This is where Hank's story begins... Hank (the light beige pup) was boarded at Villa La Paws when his owner became ill.  Weeks turned into months and sadly, the owner's health was deteriorating.  Tom had been keeping in touch with her and visited her at the hospital...weekly!  Just because that's the kind of guy he is! 

After four months the owner was distraught because a relative who lived in California that was going to take her beloved pup had decided not to.  She told Tom she didn't know what to do and Tom assured her Hank had a home.  That very night, Christmas Eve, Tom went back to Villa La Paws and took Hank home with him...for good!  He's lived in the lap of luxury ever since!

And, according the their website, Hank earns his keep as their "VP of Media Operations"! 

His little sister, Emmy helps keep Hank young and active.  Even though Hank is starting to lose his eyesight, he romps and plays and chases Emmy around the house!

Emmy is a little star in her own right!  Check out those feathered ears!  She is so expressive and she never stops smiling!

Thank you Tom... for allowing me to photograph your pups!  Here is a 'sneak peek' of some of the photos to come!

Meet Hank...

And here is Emmy...the little dancer! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MEET BRYANT! | Phoenix Children's (?) Photographer!

In a RARE departure from photographing all our furry and feathered friends I had the chance to play with some new ideas and photograph my beautiful nieces 10-week-old baby when they were in town at the end of August!

He is SUCH a great baby!  He is always happy... never fussy!  Not at all what I assumed babies to be like!  And since my 'kids' are only four-legged or feathered, I really don't know what else to DO with a child other than photograph it!

Here are some of my favorites from their visit...

Look at those eyes!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOLLYWOOD DOGS | Phoenix Dog Photographer

I had a chance to photograph the graduates of the "Hollywood Dogs" class at Villa La Paws last Thursday, and it was so much fun!

Celeste Richardson, whose uber-talented dog 'Singe' has traveled the country doing photoshoots, movies & commercials, and whose picture is now on the front of Petsmart's dog treats, teaches the class!

Kathleen, from A-1 Animal Talent, was there to scout out new dogs to sign with her agency! This is such a fun class!  My little rodent-dog 'Squirt' and I took it a couple months ago and had a blast!  Wendi Faircloth, the Training Director at Villa La Paws, was in our class and she's already done a commercial with her dog 'Secret' for the Arizona Lottery!

Check out some of the great dogs from the last class...

Monday, September 5, 2011

SHADOW AND NORA | Scottsdale Pet Photography

Yes... I'll admit I'm just a 'tad' behind on blog posts, but I couldn't wait to have you meet these two awesome girls I got to shoot last week! Nora is the salt-and-pepper Schnauzer and Shadow is the more shy black girl!

They had so much fun running around the studio, chasing toys, chasing each other and having a blast! But when their Dad asked them to sit/stay, all eyes were on him! You could just watch them follow his every move!

At the last minute Dad decided on going with the option of two locations instead of just one, so the other half of this shoot will be done when the weather cools down a little bit!

Paul, thank you for allowing me to photograph your girls... I had so much fun! Can't wait for you to see the rest of the images!

Can you just picture Dad walking around the studio here?

Doesn't Nora look regal?