Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm really NOT the kind that "giggles"!  I'm happy...  I laugh ALOT, but I rarely giggle!  My brother sent this to me after he asked for a picture of one of my parrots.  He didn't specify which parrot...just ONE of them!

So, the backstory...  We've been looking for a LONG time for the right builder to enclose part of our patio so I can put the bird cages out there and get rid of some of the daily cleaning.  For those of you that aren't 'Bird People', you may not realize how messy birds can be.  It's a continuous cycle of cleaning!  Before work, after work, before bed...I don't ever want my home to LOOK like I have animals!  I'm almost obsessive about it!  Well, okay, I AM obsessive about it!  But, I also know how important it is for birds to be part of the action... part of where everyone hangs out.  They're social beings and to put them in a back room or away from people just for convenience is something that breaks my heart.

So, we're tearing out a wall and making it a large sliding door; enclosing part of the patio, and that, as well, will have a double sliding door to the outside.  They will have the best of both worlds.   They will still be in constant visual contact with us and they will have the chance to be out in the fresh air.  But...Best of all...  NO. MORE. MESS!  I can't wait. Construction should begin soon.  All the permits have been pulled and they're waiting for all the supplies to arrive.

So... this is what my brother sent me:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


How cute is this??  I think I might have to work on creating one!  Not only does this doggie door have it's own awning and planters on each side of the entrance... The dog has HIS OWN ADDRESS!