Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BRUSH-TAILED BETTONG | Arizona Animal Photographer

Rebecca and I had been trying for several weeks to find a time that worked for a photoshoot of her Bettong!  A what???  Yep, that's what I said too!  I had to quick Google it to find out if I was going to be shooting something the size of a Great Dane or a Yorkie!  As it turns out, this is a baby Bettong, so it was pretty close to the size of a Yorkie!  "Mimsy" weighs less than two pounds!

On Saturday afternoon, we quickly decided that early morning on Sunday would work for both of us.  Since Rebecca was coming up from the far East Valley I asked her to bring along any of her other critters that she would like photographed and we'd just make a morning of it!

Well...let me just say I fell in LOVE!  Actually, I fell in love about 11 times!!

A Brush-tailed Bettong is a marsupial that ranges mostly in Australia.  Its a nocturnal mammal which might have been our saving grace in trying to photogragh her during the day!  She was unbelieveably fast!  All Rebecca kept saying was, "you should see her during the night"!!  She hops around like a little kangaroo!  She even has a teeny little pouch!

And this is her Frizzle Chicken!  Yep...that's actually a type of chicken!  First of all, just saying the name makes me smile.  Well, the minute she brought her out of the carrying case all I could do was laugh!  I know these little chickens must have been created in the image of a cartoon character!  And to make it even BETTER...  She had just hatched out seven little 'Frizzle babies'!!  Now, I want chickens in my backyard!!

Then came "Quest", a Rex Rabbit.  Quest was found running in the street 5 years ago and Rebecca rescued the poor guy!  This is the most MELLOW rabbit I've ever seen!  Get a load of those ears!!  I'm sure they must bring in HBO!

And to show you just how mellow Quest is...  we put a couple little chicks with him.  One of them thought her head was just the most comfortable place to relax!!

She also brought along a Cherry-Headed Tortoise.  They're also called Red-Footed Tortoises.  This guy was georgeous!  He was pretty easy!  He made up for trying to focus on the Bettong!!

And just because I couldn't help myself...  I couldn't let her go without getting the proverbial "Tortoise and the Hare" shot!!

Rebecca...thank you so much for letting me photograph your critters!  I had a blast! 

Sorry this blog post went a little long, but they were all so cute!  And, there is a rumor that I just may get a chance to photograph some of her other animals in a couple weeks!

So...yes!  I fell in love 11 times...  A Bettong, A Frizzle Chicken and her 7 little Frizzle Chicks, A Cherry-Headed Tortoise, and "Quest" the Rabbit!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

MY FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT... | Cave Creek Dog Photographer

Squirt, my little Rodent-Dog, and I have been taking a REALLY fun class over at Villa La Paws called "Hollywood Dogs"!  It's taught by their new trainer, Celeste Richardson.  Celeste's dog, Singe, has done lots of photo and movie work, so she knows all the ins and outs of what goes into training your dog to work on a set with (and for) the photographers and the client! 

Last night was 'graduation' night and Celeste invited Kathleen, one of the owners of A-1 Animal Talent, to come check out our dogs! 

Everyone did GREAT!  We each had the chance to meet with Kathleen one-on-one afterward and get feedback as to how our dogs did and the little things she thought they would need before being able to work on a set!

We set up a portable "studio" and Elizabeth, from Villa La Paws, took photos that will be sent on to the Talent Agency!  She did a GREAT job! 

Squirt did awesome!  I am so proud of him!!  BUT, here was my feedback (all constructive, I might add, and only after she said lots of nice things about him!)  He's getting gray and starting to show his age!  Well... um....  so am I!!  She thought his opportunities were limited to maybe senior dog food or products geared toward aging dogs unless I touched up his gray!  So...tomorrow involves a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply to pick up something to 'wash away the gray'!

What I realize is, it really doesn't matter whether we ever get print or commercial work (although it would be sooo much fun to see his cute little face in an ad); that little dog gives me 110% of everything I ask him to do!  We have so much fun playing together! 

He is my heart!!  I love you, little man!!

(This is an older photo, so it really doesn't show the gray!!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MEET MAX! | Phoenix Dog Photographer

This is Max, a sweet little Brussels Griffon I met at the Grand Opening of Villa La Paws.  Max is almost six months old!

His mom just ordered this awsome fine-art canvas of her little boy.  When I went to drop it off Max was sporting his new summer 'do'...  They shaved him down to make the summer heat a little easier to handle!  It will be a few months before he's back to looking this fluffy again!

Thanks, Brooke...  I hope you love your new artwork!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GRACE AND ZION... | Scottsdale Pet Photographer

I had such a good time today!  We finally got to finish a session we started a couple weeks ago with Grace and her sweet boy, Zion.  Grace runs Pawsitive Touch Therapy.  She is a Canine Massage Therapist and teaches Canine Conditioning at AZ Dog Sports!  Dogs melt at her touch! 

Here are a few images of her and Zion!  Grace, you're beautiful...and Zion is such a handsome, sweet boy!

I hope you like the 'sneek peek' at your pictures!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AMY AND DUKE... | Phoenix Pet Photographer...

Are these two cute, or what?  'Amy' is the German Shepherd and 'Duke' is the Golden!  I had a chance to meet them at the Grand Opening of Villa La Paws!  Their mom, Cindy, contacted me and wants to order prints but she's only able to view their pictures in black and white.  I don't know what happens out in 'cyberspace' between sending the photos from my hard drive to hers...but it's beyond me how they magically transform themselves from color!

So, Cindy...  here is what your kids photos look like in living color!  Hope you like them!

TAKE ME HOME....PLEASE!!! | Cave Creek Pet Photographer

Home Fur Good Animal Rescue is trying to find a 'forever' home for this sweet pup!  It was one of the dogs I had the chance to meet at Villa La Paws Open House a couple weeks ago!

How could anyone resist this sweet little face??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FRISCO.... I (HEART) YOU!! | Phoenix Pet Photographer

Frisco is one of my all-time favorite dogs!  I was there when his mom rescued him out of the desert; working to lure him in with lunchmeat and left-over scraps from dinner!  She believed in him when no one else would give him a chance.  It was over the course of several weeks before she was able to gain his trust enough to get him into a crate and bring him over to the "other side of the fence"! 

And I really believe in my heart that dogs know when they're getting a second chance.  He's been their best friend for more than ten years now. 

Michelle recently found out Frisco has a large tumor on his liver.  He's doing great right now though, so we decided to go out and do some photos.

All that running around tired him out!

And I had to get some of the kitties while I was there!  Actually, the glass of water was supposed to be for me!  Guess I wasn't quick enough!!

Callie, Gonzo and Smokey...

I love you, Frisco... and hoping you continue to feel good for a long time to come!  Michelle...  I hope you like your pictures!